JRC Components superlight custom 5kg road bike build

JRC Components Superlight Custom 5KG Road Bike Build

I decided late last year that I wanted to start a new project and build a superlight, weightweenie rig and hit that golden sub-5kg weight.

I didnt want to make it an all-black, non-painted machine to shave every last gram however like these builds often end up. Instead I opted for something which I can honestly say ended up particularly unique and well, colourful! 

While at Taipei Bike Show 2017, I got talking to a number of representatives from a small frame company named 'Be King' after their metallic coloured frames caught my eye. We stayed in contact after the show and I ordered one of their framesets from them (Astro Pro - As pictured) to build a demo bike for our parts and use as part of my sub 5kg build. 

*(No affiliation/partnership with this company)* 

Fast forward 8 months and I have finally gotten around to finishing the build as pictured. 

JRC Components Be King Bike

The End Result tipping the scales at just over 5kg including pedals

JRC Components THM Clavicula

Many high-end boutique products featured; A THM Clavicula pictured here with Carbon Ti Chainrings and a KMC DLC Chain (my personal apologies for the mismatching chainring bolts) 

JRC Components weight weenie build sram red

From a different angle; Alligator I link Cables, a one-piece alloy Recon Cassette weighing just over 100grams and a tuned Sram Red derailleur using our ceramic jockey wheels. Our wheels are also visible here which have had a delayed release date but we hope to have stock available from February. Changing the Tufo S3 tyres to a light option would see the build go below 5kg. 

JRC Components Seatpost and Clamp

More jewelry components; Ciamillo Gravitas Carbon Brake Calipers and a Becker Carbon saddle weighing just 68grams. Our JRC Components Kokoro Seatpost discontinued) and Kumo+ Seatpost Clamp also adding understated detail to the build.

JRC Components Schmolke Sram Red

 Cockpit featuring bare Sram Red Shifters, Schmolke SL 420mm Handlebars and Lizard Skin Bar Tape. 


With some slight adjustment this build can comfortably go below 5 kilograms total (changing tyres, stem and a shallower rim to name a few adjustments) 

Putting pen to paper and making your dream Bike Build a reality can often be troublesome while starting. We will always be happy to assist our customers as best as possible should they require assistance with such a build. We can be contacted at: info@jrc-components.com if you would like assistance or advice regarding any components for your next customization.

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