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Kokoro Carbon Fibre Seatpost

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The JRC Components Kokoro seatpost is one of the lightest seatposts on the market at a fraction of the price of some of our competitors.

Through rigorous design and testing, we bring to you one of the very best seatposts in the world. Our goal was to produce a durable, ultra-lightweight seatpost without the extortionate price tag seen on almost every other seatpost of similar specification. Our results were striking; concluding with total weight from as little as a mere 103grams (250mm* 27,2mm).

Our Kokoro seatpost features varying wall density enabling us to lessen the layers of carbon in areas of low stress levels while ensuring maximum durability through increased wall thickness in areas of higher stress. The intricate tube design enables us to manufacture carbon tubes up to 50% lighter than most competitors without any compromise in strength or stiffness levels.

When seated, weight distribution on the front and the rear of a seatpost is unequal and bearing this consideration in mind we also took the time to test loads. The results meant we opted for slightly thicker walls on the front of the cradle and the frontal yoke. 



  • Varying Layer thickness with internal carbon reinforcement rings to help carry clamping force and prevent seatpost slippage
  • CNC Precision Machined Titanium Bolts
  • CNC Machined 7075 Cradle drilled to further reduce the weight
  • CNC Machined 7075 Yokes and shaft

Additional information:

-The seatpost features minimum and maximum insert lines to further reduce the weight. Min & Max lines are measured in millimetres from the saddle rails:
Maximum Insert: 130mm
Minimum Insert: 180mm

-Exact Weight. Tolerance is no more than +/- 1%
27.2mm diameter: 104grams
31.6mm diameter: 111grams

-Max Rider Weight:
Road cycling: No Limit
XC: 95kg Maximum
not suitable for other off-road riding*

-Recommended Torque:
Saddle rail Bolts: 3nm
Seatpost Clamp: 5-6nm


  • 1x Seatpost with all bolts & attachments

If any further information is required we urge you to contact us directly for us to assist you further.